Power Kawach Locket's


Baglamukhi Locket

Do you?

  • Have fear of losing in every situation of life?
  • Have a pending legal case not going in your favour?
  • Think negative energies around you in the form of people and spirits are overpowering your presence?
  • Always think competition stronger than you hence feel weak and unenthusiastic before every step?

Powers Of

  • Baglamukhi locket provides the wearer unbeatable strength.
  • Brings in powers of Victory over situations, people and life.
  • Helps in winning legal over legal cases
  • Completely negates negativity through presence of negative people, spirits

Product Info

Baglamukhi locket has two powerful yantra’s on each of its side. BaglamukhiYantra on 1 and Sri Yantra on the other.


Shop By Problem - Fear of Losing
Pending legal cases etc
Rs 1100/-