Power Kawach Locket's


Dhan Laxmi Locket

Do you?

  • Feel the lack of money in your life?
  • Need more money to fulfil your dreams?
  • Want to attract more money in your life?
  • Want to fulfil all your materialistic dreams by earning more money?

Powers Of

  • Opens the gates of money, wealth and prosperity in your life.
  • Deletes all the mental and spiritual barriers that stop money and wealth from coming into your life.
  • Helps in fulfilling all your money related dreams like buying your favourite car, your favourite house, the gift you have been planning to buy for long or anything you dream of.
  • Increase the flow of wealth and prosperity in your life and helps in making you financially rich.

Product Info

The Dhan Laxmi Locket is a two faced locket which has Dhan laxmi Yantra on the one side and Sri Yantra on the other. The Dhan Laxmi Locket helps in making the life of the wearer prosperous and opens the gates of money and flow of money in the life of the wearer. The locket is good for people who have just started their career or who feel that the growth of the flow of money in their life has just stopped.


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