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  • Sri Vedic Pratisthan has the purpose of selling high quality, genuine products of daily pooja or religious requirements and we by no way intend to spread blind superstition.
  • Sri Vedic Pratisthan is NOT a religious institution, charitable trust or an NGO.
  • Positivity, optimism and deed are the ultimate weapons of every man to achieve all that he wants. Religious products are the means for the enlightenment of above.
  • The features of products mentioned on the page are the features and benefits that have been associated with the particular product for years. Sri Vedic Pratisthan does not claim any guarantee, profits and benefits for the same.
  • The mentioned prices of the products are solely for the product for purchase and no service, recommendation or charges of any otherkind are accepted from the customers.
  • Religious products are a subject of trust, belief and devotion. You will not find any forced “CALL FOR ACTION” on our website neither we pitch or force the customer to BUY anything from us. The final decision to buy is completely in the hands of the customers and only self-initiated product purchases are entertained by us.
  • We DO NOT hold any scientific claims or researches to prove the benefits as mentioned on the product info tabs.
  • Recommendation is given for free depending on the customer’s requirement and benefit or problem depending on what product matches the same in the market. We have neither invented nor created any such solutions on our own.