Power Kawach Locket's


Divya Surya Locket

Do you?

  • Feel you lack command over your employees/colleagues/family members/relatives?
  • Want to win over your enemies and diseases?
  • Want wealth and dreams to come true?

Powers of Divya Surya Locket

  • Divya Surya Kawach signifies the Sun God and blesses your life with the qualities of the Sun.
  • Brings good health to the wearer.
  • Brings wealth and abundance to the worshipper.
  • Gives a commanding presence to the wearer in all environments and situations in life.

Product Info

Sun Surya is the symbol of power, birth, command, superiority and authority. In our day to day life we face many situations where we need the qualities of the sun to be able to deal with events swiftly. Divya Surya locket combines all these qualities of the Sun and who so ever wears the locket benefits from all the above given qualities of the sun. As the sun controls the entire solar system it is naturally the commander of all the planets hence by wearing the Divya Surya Locket the wearer develops the qualities of a natural commander and leader. Surya is also the sign of wealth hence it blesses the wearer with wealth fulfils all dreams.


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