Power Kawach Locket's


Durga Locket

Do you?

  • Have a lot of enemity?
  • Think you are weaker than your competition?
  • Have inferiority complex over your competition?

Powers Of

  • Makes enemies powerless
  • Deletes enmity
  • Wearer wins over enemies
  • Wearer wins long delayed court cases, neighbourhood quarrels, social arguments etc.

Product Info

Goddess Durga also known as the invincible and the inaccessible is the goddess of energy, force and power. Goddess Durga contains the power of all the gods combined and each of her weapon is given to her by a different God as follows:

  • Rudra's trishula (trident)
  • Vishnu's Sudarshana Chakra (whirling, sharp edged discus)
  • Indra's thunderbolt
  • Brahma's kamandalu (water pot)
  • Kubera's gada (mace)

Goddess Durga is the ultimate finisher of the enemy. She is often pictured as fighting and slaying rakshasha’s/demons particularly Mahishasura, the buffalo demon.

These properties of Goddess Laxmi are all contained in the Durga Locket and it works wonders for the wearer/worshipper.


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