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Iccha Purti Kachua

Do you?

  • Think Happiness does not stay with you for a long time?
  • Think money does not stay with you for long time and you spend faster than you earn?
  • Want all your dreams and wishes to come true and last forever?

Powers Of

  • Gives your dreams, wishes, health and wealth the age of a tortoise i.e lasts them long.
  • Happiness and money both stay with you for a much longer time.
  • All your Iccha’s (dreams) are fulfilled by the cosmic powers of the Tortoise.

Product Info

The Turtoise or the Kachua represents the maximum age and longevity, stability, determination and will power. Iccha Purti Kachua hence helps the good in your life to stay for much longer or infinite period. If you think Happiness, wealth, knowledge, intellect does not stay with you for a very long time and easily escapes through your life then Iccha Purti Kachua will help all the wishes come true by giving all the happiness, health, wealth the age of a tortoise thus making sure they last forever.


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