Kuber Dhan laxmi Yantra

Do you?

  • Have A financial crisis?
  • Have imminent lack of money?
  • Are you searching for the one last option to earn money in your life?

Powers Kuber Dhan Laxmi Yantra

  • Bestows the qualities of lord kuber on the worshippers life.
  • Helps in recovering from bad financial conditions.
  • Provides material abundance in life.

Product Info

‘Kuber’ is the ultimate jackpot known to the human race. Kuber is the lord of wealth and the God-King of semi divine Yakshas in the Hindy Mythology. The depiction of Kuber is of a healthy man with an overload of numerous semi divine and divine treasures of the world. The Kuber Dhan Laxmi Yantra captures the essence of lord Kuber and disperses the same into your life. Worship of this Yantra bestows abundance over the worshipper of all the worldly kinds.


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Rs 1281/-