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Kuber Kunji

Do you?

  • Feel insecure about your safe/cashbox?
  • Want to protect your safe/cashbox by the evil sight and intentions of your employees, enemies.
  • Want your safe/cashbox to be blessed with the power of Lord Kuber.

Powers Of

  • Protects your safe/cashbox/wealth from the bad sight of people and enemies.
  • Safeguards your cash/safe/wealth from bad omen.
  • Makes the presence of God Kuber felt where the key is placed.
  • Attracts wealth in abundance as Kuber is the God of wealth and prosperity.

Product Info

God Kuber is the lord of wealth and the god-king of the Yaksha’s in Hindy Mythology. Kuber is also known as the protector of the world and in many parts of the Hindy mythology he is known as the “king of the whole world”, “king of kings”, “lord of wealth”, “giver of wealth”


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