Maha Mrityunjay Maha Yantra

Powers of Maha Mrityunjaya Maha Yantra

  • Completely armours the worshipper from Physical, mental diseases as well as ailments.
  • Protects from new diseases.
  • Improves over long term diseases and health problems.
  • Improves mental activeness.
  • Dissolves as well as overcomes fear of death, accident, death by accident or enemy.

Do you?

  • Have a Long term disease?
  • Want recovery in long term disease history of a family.
  • Are diseases the reasons why you aren’t able to progress in life?
  • Are medicines and hospital expenses taking away a large part of your income?
  • Have the fear of attacks, accidents, serious diseases, accidental death?


MahamrityunjayaYantra is also known as the ‘great death-conquering yantra’. Mrityunjaya also identified as Lord Shiva is the winner over death, the one who beats death and overcomes all kinds of fears and diseases.

MahamrityunjayaYantra is the ultimate health protector and healer if the life of you or your family has been long affected with diseases.

Rs 1281/-