Sampurna Mahalaxmi Mahayantra

Powers of SampurnaMahalaxmiMahayantra

  • The most superior yantra to fulfill desire of money and material gains.
  • Blesses worshipper with all material comforts.
  • Brings worshipper good fortune and overturns bad luck into good luck.
  • Fulfills the desire for money, wealth, property.
  • Increases flow of money and wealth towards the worshipper.

Do you?

  • Desire wealth, prosperity and financial abundance?
  • Want to have all the things you have always dreamt?
  • Think your cash-box/safe attracts negativity by others which bring low cash flow?
  • Think your life is financially instable.

SampurnaMahalaxmiMahayantra is the most powerful yantra if material as well as financial gains and security are your needs. SampurnaMahalaxmiMahayantra is a combination of 5 yantras of Godís representing wealth and prosperity. SampurnaMahalaxmiMahayantra is one yantra which includes

  • KuberYantra
  • KanakdharaYantra
  • Ganesh Yantra
  • Sri Yantra
  • LaxmiPandriya (in center)

All Godís which are a part of the yantra are the utmost representation of wealth and prosperity and when combined the power of them all blesses the worshipper for similar gains and profits.

Rs 1281/-