Power Kawach Locket's


Surya Kawach

Powers of Divya Surya Kawach

  • Guards the worshipper from negativities, enemies, hatred.
  • Creates a virtual shield around the wearer.
  • Improves the wearerís personality
  • Increases impact of social presence

Do you?

  • Have fear of low confidence and personality?
  • Think that someone might want to harm you?
  • Believe that evil intentions are harming your progress?
  • Think people donít listen to you or you have no command on friends, family and collegues?

Sun or Surya is the eternal symbol of power, glow, aura and protection. There is nothing in the universe more powerful than the sun. Divya Surya Kawach is the supreme form in which one can bestow the powers of the sun and become the centre of the environment like the sun is the center of the solar system. Every planet and terestial body in our solar system is directly or indirectly revolving around the Sun thus making sun the uttermost controller of the universe. Similarly by wearing and worshipping the Divya Surya Kawach one can directly or indirectly become the center of their environment thus gaining command of their social as well as official circle.


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